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Greyt Threads (pronounced Great Threads, the Greyhound way)

We do Custom Embroidery & Digitizing since 2003. We specialize in dogs, especially Greyhound designs, as well as Fire and EMS clothes.

Made in USA

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Fire Police EMS

This is some of my gear from Idyllwild Fire Protection District where I am an Engineer/Paramedic since 1990


Embroidered Patch


This is Truck 621


This is T-621 Stitched on a jacket

Gym Bag End

My Gym/Exercise Bag end

Fire Dept. stitched out

Gym Bag Top

My Gym/Exercise Bag top

Name stitched out

Brush Reflect

Brush Bag stitched w/ logo in cap

Brush Bag

Name on side & Logo on top










Custom Embroidery specializing in Greyhound & Fire / EMS


Greyt Threads Dreams of Freedom design Beltloopbag New Belt Loop Bag page.

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Greyt Threads is a custom Digitizing and Embroidery business. We can use your design or create one for you. We can Digitize it to create stitch work for your embroidered T-Shirts, embroidered Polo Shirts, embroidered Sweat Shirts, embroidered Jackets, embroidered Totes, and almost anything you can think of that we can get in a hoop (up to 16" x 15.6") And we can even do Hats/Caps from ear to ear (270*) We give Fast Reliable Friendly Service. No Minimum order. We can do one or as many as you need.

Weather you need custom embroidery and digitizing or a stock embroidery designs. Whether you need embroidery and digitizing in a hurry or you prefer to savor the creative process of customize your embroidery. We can do one to as many as you need.

No Minimum order for embroidery! 


We can convert whatever you want into embroidery stitches. Weather is a logo, vector file or photo of your greyhound (or any pet/animal), your horse, your fire truck, your EMS rig or ambulance, your favorite wild animal or your business Logo.  We can then embroider your greyhound (or any pet/animal), your horse, your fire truck, your EMS rig or ambulance, your favorite wild animal or your business Logo; or whatever you want onto t-shirts, polo shirts, ladies shirts, jackets, leather , sweat shirts, patches, kids tee shirts, denim shirts, jackets, hat/cap totes or whatever you want.
We have many suppliers of garments or you can supply your own garments.

 We are into Greyhound Rescue and donate a portion of all proceeds to greyhound rescue.

We have many Greyhound designs already digitized and many already embroidered on shirts in stock.

We also make custom leather and Ultra-Suede martingale dog collars and leashes for your greyhound, sighthound, deerhound, or any bread. They can be plain, with silver conchos or we can embroider them for you. We have many embroidered designs and many conchos to choose from.

A portion of all proceeds goes to Greyhound Rescue


Featuring the Amazing AMAYA 16 color Embroidery Machine


Some embroidered shirt & Jacket samples. Go to Greyhound clothes to see more Greyhound designs.






2 head

2 greyhounds on a baseball ringer 3/4 sleeve

Angel head

greyhound caricatures by darlene douthit

Bad Hare Day

bunny w/ bat & greyhound "it's a bad hare day"


button down baseball jersey w/ greyhound on sleeve

Carousel Black

carousel greyhound on denim jacket. can be done in many colors to match your hound

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Conchos & Embroidered

Greyt Threads embroidery


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